Branding, Strategy & Leadership: 

SS&C Technologies/DST Systems - Corporate Rebrands
Assisted the Creative Director in research, development and implementation of a total enterprise-wide corporate rebrand. Team efforts included strategy, design and development of a complete visual and behavioral language (colors, fonts, shapes, textures, animations, interfaces, etc.) and its application to templates, instructions and mockups for print, digital, environmental (conference), interactive and more. Guided the implementation and enforcement of multiple rebrands from a self-imposed direction as well as due to corporate acquisition.
Personal efforts included: research, design and proposal of the new corporate typeface(s) to the Creative Director and CMO; personal responsibility for overseeing and implementing the rebrand through all email communications, internal and external. (Efforts spanned multiple levels of design sophistication and a variety of mail delivery systems, automated and persona)l; and design, development and creation of a intranet branding site for hosting and disseminating branding assets to all corporate team members (including samples, instructions and video guides).​​​​​​​

U.S. Central - Project Marketing Teams
I provided art direction for various marketing teams of writers, designers and developers on a project by project basis. Efforts included conference branding, websites and collateral as well as numerous individual digital and print products for sales support.

The Kansas City Star - New format development & implementation. Partial rebrand
Took part in team strategy, development and testing for a complete overhaul of the Kansas City Star newspaper format. Efforts included participation in strategy and design discussion, leading focus groups, developing design mockups, making proposals to decision makers, and discussion and planning around public education strategy and implementation. These efforts pertained to the overall newspaper voice, new size format, colors, paper stock, number and names of sections and availability and delivery changes.
Assisted the Promotions team in developing multiple digital and print campaigns around promotion, awareness, direction and troubleshooting of public adaption to the new format of the newspaper. 
Lead multi-disciplinary teams in the creation and production of outside client advertising sections that were included in the distribution of the newspaper. Teams that I provided art direction for included photographers, writers and other specialists.

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